Workshop & Seminar

Workshop & Seminar

Identify & Create the best version of You

Dream Life Workshop

The dream is within you

It all starts with a dream; mankind has been blessed with a brain that thinks and aspires in life to achieve something. Dreams make one’s life meaningful.

The dream is Everything

All you need to do is ignite it and let it direct your soul to take the first step. We are here to provide you with the push and motivation that you’ve always been seeking. Be the best version of yourself and inspire others to do better

  • The Dreams – Friend or Foe
  • Define Goals — Technical Aspects
  • Understand Challenges – Patterns
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Overcoming Fears
  • Plan of Action – Road Map
  • Dream – Envision – Action – Achieve – Enjoy
  • The Power of Focus
  • Visualization – Building Bridges to Future
  • The Mental Roadblocks – Practical Sessions
  • The Ultimate Discovery of Your Inner strength - Fire Walk
  • Science of Fulfillment
  • Dream Is Everything – Mount Everest scaled
Are you living the life of your dreams?
Are you able to live life to the fullest?
Would you like to do better in all walks of your life?
Family, personal relationships, wealth creation, Socially, culturally & spiritually?
If you are a student, entrepreneur, Housewife, network marketer, Professional or sportsman, Business man or spiritual seeker, we can help you to achieve the next level. Come join us in the Dream Life workshop & Live Your Dreams.

Start from being ordinary to Extra Ordinary by attending the workshop.

Think out of the box
Understand the fundamentals of focus
Build an Unshakable sense of self-belief
Enjoy the power of ownership and commitment
Overcome fears
Attain peak performance
Learn & Master holistic Living
Imbibe the value of Key relationships

Workshop Includes

Certificate of Participation

Certificate of participation
Dream is Everything Workbook
Dream is Everything Workbook
Breakfast / Tea Coffee / Lunch
Breakfast / Tea Coffee / Lunch

Corporate Seminar

If you are having a Prestigious corporate event, Annual company day, Business Seminars, Sales meet, product launches, dealer success seminars, etc., and you need a world Class Speaker to WOW your crowd in less than 60 minutes? Then, your Search for EXCELLENCE ends here.
One of the TOPMOST Speakers of the professional speaking industry, Darshan Vyas has been THE MOST IDEAL CHOICE FOR A KEYNOTE SESSION called upon by Famous brands across Sectors & Industries.
Darshan’s keynote POWER TALKS and EXPERIENTIAL SESSIONS are in complete alignment with your conference agenda, guaranteeing desired results. Creating the desired Impact as per your company’s strategic vision! Without the traditional PowerPoint slide shows, DV GUARANTEES to Create a Dynamic Environment & move your audience to take charge of their expected roles and contribute as per the Business vision.
DV’s POWER TALKS accompanied by his explosive passion, natural Humor, and real-time anecdotes leave behind lasting memories of the conference long after it is over as they also ensure BENCHMARK RESULTS to follow!