Release all that stops you to start a happier life
Being one of the Most Dynamic Motivational Speakers in India, Darshan Vyas encourages the youth to live life to the fullest by exploring the true potential inside out & living a life full of Purpose & Pride. Darshan Vyas called DV by fans & friends is extremely passionate about DREAMS & GOALS, with his hardcore real-life experiences fueled with the science of Achievement & Fulfillment, He has Empowered Positive & Lasting change in the lives of several thousand trainees, entrepreneurs & Business Associates.
Darshan Vyas right from his early days was Passionate Dreamer, Explorer & Strongly believed in the Power of his Dreams, to make it Big in his life overcoming his humble background. Darshan has loads of Passion and Energy, he believes that our lives are an adventure on a high-speed roller coaster. His love for People and his Purpose of Empowering them to reach & live the life of their dreams is his sole motive.
Darshan has throughout his career combined Sharp Strategic and Strong Execution Skills with Excellent People Management Capabilities to consistently build Passionate, High-Performance, Winning Teams. Darshan Speaks, Writes, and conducts workshops on Dream Building, Leadership, Execution, and Winning. From an Aspiring Sales person to Senior Corporate Executive to Life as a Management Consultant and then a Serial Entrepreneur – he has been there, done that!
His highly Motivating, Engaging, and Interactive speeches are called “Awakened Dreaming” They aim at addressing real-life issues with high positivity. His training workshops are highly Interactive which allows the participants to view their life and commitments at work from a completely new perspective. Revered across organizations for his ability to help leaders harness the natural power of stories to make key messages like Vision, Value, Strategy, and Change Communication stick with their employees, he is a master storyteller!


  • Motivation backed with appropriate questions helps you lead to the appropriate answers.
  • Knowing what you need to know, helps gain momentum and a focused approach towards a definitive purpose be it a Dream, Goal, Project, or activity.
  • Learn to ask the ‘right questions’ instead of trying to give answers to every problem. It makes your goals clearer and makes you take concrete steps to achieve them.
  • Motivation & Executive coaching offers a better perspective on the current challenges
  • Enables you to gain a total understanding of the challenges faced and offers optimized solutions that one perceived never existed.
  • Proven techniques and methods help in building High self-esteem to reach bigger and better opportunities.
  • DV leads with a set of Proven tools & techniques which he has gained over 21 years of professional & coaching experience in multiple sectors & Industries.
  • DV follows industry best practices, Industry standards & Global learnings for developing world-class content, tools & techniques to offer lasting results.
  • The program offers Vital strength of laser focus to participant’s objective
  • The key differentiator for the participants is to engage & achieve on the complex issues.
  • Developing laser-like focus can be the key to finishing tasks quickly and doing your best work on each.
  • Unlock your ability to concentrate on one set goal before you move on to the next.
  • The goal of achieving success will help you live a more purposeful life by pushing you to overcome obstacles, work a bit harder, and pursue happiness.
  • Creating the necessary playground (Mindset) to put in the practice and efforts to dig in and achieve the required success.
  • All road leads to one goal to achieve desired results.
  • The program is scientifically designed to work through the Action-based modules knitting the goals around your Dreams and achieving time-bound results / Outcome